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Establish Business in Dubai

Setting up your own business in Dubai is more easy with Biz City's PRO business services. Our company registration professionals have helped thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs and will be glad to assist you through the whole business setup process. We can easily handle your company registration procedure in the UAE.

Local Partnership

Getting a reliable local partners for your company is challenging when you want to start your business in Dubai. At Biz City, we have a well-connected network of local partners who are keen, committed and flexible to work with. We’ll guide you every step of the way – to find you the ideal partner while safeguarding the financial and operational control of your business.

Business License Approvals

The requirements of business licenses and permissions from various agencies and government ministries can vary depending on the category of the business. We can offer you consultation if your business requires special approvals or licenses from local authorities or Government. If your business requires any sort of license or special approval, we can guide and process it for you!

Business Visa Processing

Our experienced team handles visa processing for all your business travel requirements. We process all types of work visas and work permits for employees, partners and investors.

Document Translation Services

We can professionally translate all types of legal, technical, financial and any other statutory documents into your own language. For all major languages, translations are done by expert translators.

Trademark Registration

At Biz City, we can help you register for your trademark today.

What is a trademark?

Trademarks are distinctive indicators that all businesses or legal entities need in order to identify their products or services to their consumers. Trademark protection is available for certain names, symbols, devices, or words that will be used in connection with a good or service. The purpose behind trademarks is to allow companies and individuals to indicate the source of their goods or services and to distinguish them from others in the industry.

A trademark which is registered in Dubai is also registered in all the seven emirates. The license is valid for a period of 10 years and it can be renewed afterwards for the same amount of time. Our Dubai lawyers will make sure that your chosen trademark can be used and registered in the correct class. The chosen trademark is published in the UAE Trademark Bulletin and, if there are no objections and if the fees have been paid by the applicant, the registration commences. If the trademark is accepted, the applicant receives a trademark registration certificate.

In the UAE, the registration of trademarks and patents is made at the Trademark Section of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce. The application should be filled by an individual with a registered address in the UAE, but our advisors can help you submit the application by means of a Power of Attorney issued specifically for this purpose. Shouldn’t this be in upper case?

Why are trademarks important?

Trademarks can become a very effective marketing tool for new business owners who wish to announce their presence in the market and establish themselves as a reputable company. Trademarks first of all, provide protection to the owner of the mark by ensuring the exclusive right to use it when identifying goods or services. Moreover, trademarks can help you increase your exposure in the marketplace and set yourself apart from your competitors. Lastly, trademarks are intangible assets that can drastically increase the value of your business in case of resale.

Accounting Services Registration

Our accounting services aim at accurate financial record maintenance so as to curtail unnecessary financial costs. This helps you streamline your business growth and improve your company’s performance by concentrating on core risk areas in business with increased flexibility to respond to requirements.

We at Biz City Business Center have our team of experts to help entrepreneurs set up their accounting function in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. Read more…